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Affiliate Programs

  • You can make your excess website space productive

    • You can earn extra money from otherwise vacant space on your website.
  • It's virtually risk-free

    • You will not be asked to pay any fees and your only responsibility will be to market your site to your target audience.

  • You will be providing a valuable service to your site's visitors

    • They will appreciate you directing them to places where their interests can be fulfilled. It is thus very important to carefully pick the affiliate programs you'll join so that there is compatibility between your site's and the affiliate merchants site's content.

  • You can generate repeat visits to your site

    • If your site links well with merchant websites, your site will have a higher chance of being revisited in the future because the users will see it as a valuable resource, and give it some percentage of the credit for the benefits they derived from jumping to the destination merchant site.

  • You can gain useful sales experience

    • You can gain experience in selling products without having to run a full-fledged e-commerce business. You will gain marketing and selling know-how that might come in handy in the future.

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